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Phragmidium fragariae

Phragmidium fragariae Winter, 1884

on Drymocallis, Potentilla

Phragmidium fragariae: aecia on Potentilla sterilis

Potentilla sterilis, England, East Gloucestershire, VC33: aecia © Malcolm Storey, BioImages

Phragmidium fragariae on Potentilla sterilis

Potentilla sterilis, Amstelveen, Thijsse-park: infected leaf.

Phragmidium fragariae: uedinia and telia on Potentilla sterilis

uredinia and telia at the underside of the leaf

Phragmidium fragariae on Potentilla sterilis: urediniun


Phragmidium fragariae on Potentilla sterilis: empty uredinium

the uredinia are surrounded by sterile hyphae; they form a ring after the spores have been shed

Phragmidium fragariae on Potentilla sterilis: urediniospores


Phragmidium fragariae on Potentilla sterilis: telium


Phragmidium fragariae on Potentilla sterilis: teliospores



no alternation of host plant. Spermogonia epiphyllous, between epidermis and cuticula, often near the aecia. Aecia mostly hypophyllous, yellow, minute but larger on the veins, without a peridium but with a coronet of hyaline, sausage-shaped curved paraphyses; spores produced in chains, densely verrucose. Uredinia like the aecia, but spores single, pedicellate, strongly verrucose; the spores dry out quickly, and then look whitish. Telia hypophyllous black; spores long pedicellate, elliptic, dark brown, transversely divided into c. 4 almost smooth cells, the terminal one rounded, without an apiculus.

host plants

Rosaceae, narrowly oligophagous

Drymocallis rupestris; Potentilla alba, alchemilloides, argentea, ?caulescens, carniolica, grandiflora, lineata, micrantha, montana, nevadensis, patula, pyrenaica, sterilis.

Niet op Fragaria (Klenke & Scholler). The references to that host in Termorshuizen & Swertz probably concern P. sterilis, that has a treacherous similarity with F. vesca.


Phragmidium fragariastri (de Candolle) Schröter, 1887; Ph. granulatum Fuckel, 1869.


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