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Phragmidium kamtschatkae

Phragmidium kamtschatkae (Anderson) Arthur & Cummins, 1933

on Rosa


only spermogonia and telia. Spermogonia epiphyllous, honey-coloured, numerous. Telia amphigenous, reddish brown, covering the entire leaf. Teliospores 2- (sometimes 3-) celled, short-elliptic, weakly constricted, without an apical papilla; wall with 3-5 rows of warts; pedicel very short, persistent.


Rosaceae, monophagous

Rosa acicularis, chinensis, davurica, foetida, majalis, moschata, rugosa, spinosissima.

In his revision, Helfer (2005a) cites only R. acicularis as horstplant, while Klenke & Scholler state that the fungus exclusively lives on R.majalis.


Puccinia kamtschatkae Anderson, 1891.


Asiatic species, reported from a few European localities.


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