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Phragmidium tuberculatum

Phragmidium tuberculatum Julius Müller, 1885

on Rosa

Phragmidium tuberculatum on Rosa spec.

Rosa spec. (cult.), Bergen NH

Phragmidium tuberculatum on Rosa spec.


Phragmidium tuberculatum: aecia

the aecia are orange yellow, hypophyllous, each on a small yellowed spot

Phragmidium tuberculatum: aecium with paraphyses

each aecium is surrounded by a circle of curved paraphyses

Phragmidium tuberculatum: paraphyses around aecium

the paraphyses

Phragmidium tuberculatum: tuberculate aeciospore

the aeciospores are tuberculate

Phragmidium tuberculatum: telium

telium, hylophyllous, like the aecia

Phragmidium tuberculatum: teliospore

teliospore with a clear, sharp apiculus


no alternation of host plant. Spermogonia epiphyllous, honey coloured. Aecia orange, hypophyllous, with deep red spots at the corresponding upperside. Aecia often also on the stems and petioles, then causing swellings. Aecia without a peridium but with a dense circle of hyaline, sausage-shaped curved paraphyses; spores produced in chains, densely verrucose. Uredinia hypophyllous, small, 0.2 mm, equally encircled by paraphyses, spores single, pedicellate. Telia hypophyllous black; spores long pedicellate, elliptic, dark brown, transversely divided into 5-7 verrucose cells, abruptly terminated by well-defined, pale or hyaline apiculus of up to 22 µm length.

host plants

Rosaceae, monophagous

Rosa acicularis, agrestis, arvensis, canina, chinensis, corymbifera, dumalis, gallica, glauca, majalis, micrantha, montana, multiflora, phoenicea, pouzinii, pulverulenta, rubiginosa, rugosa, sempervirens, spinosissima, stylosa, tomentosa, villosa.

On cultivated roses the commonest Phragmidium.


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