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Trachyspora melospora

Trachyspora melospora (Therry) Dietel, 1923

on Alchemilla


No host plant alternation, no spermogonia or aecia. In fact no uredinia either: the few orange urediniospores are formed in the telia. Telia extensive, mainly hypophyllous, rust coloured. Teliospores one-celled, brown, coarsely verrucose, pedicel with a septum, where the pedicel breaks off; the size is (19)26-30(37) x (23)27-32(45) µm.

host plants

Rosaceae, narrowly monophagous

Alchemilla alpigena, alpina, hoppeana, indivisa, nitida, velebitica.


Uromyces alchemillae-alpinae Fischer, 1894.

The form on Alchemillae pentaphyllea has somewhat larger teliospores, and because of that has been described as a separate species, Trachyspora pentaphylleae. Klenke & Scholler consider pentaphylleae a valid species, Helfer considers it a mere variety of melospora.


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