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Caeoma epilobii-alpini

Caeoma epilobii-alpini Jørstad, 1922

on Epilobium


Spermogonia golden yellow, epiphyllous, dispersed, 0.2 mm. Aecia hypophyllous in circles on, 1-2 mm large, bright yellow leaf spots; they are flat, without a clear margin; colour not stated, probably yellow to orange. The spores are globular, 15-5 ø, densely verruculose.

host plants

Asteraceae, narrowly monophagous

Epilobium alsinifolium, hornemannii, lactiflorum, nutans, palustre (= alpinum).


Scandinavian species. The ultimate part of the life cycle of the species is unknown; Gäumann supposed that it is a Melampsora species, alternating with Salix. Check here about the the genus Caeoma.


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