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Gymnosporangium torminali-juniperini

Gymnosporangium torminali-juniperini Fischer, 1910

on Sorbus


The slender, acute peridia, not fraying at their tip, are characteristic. The aecia closely resemble those of Gymnosporangium cornutum, but the size of the aeciospores is somewhat different: 18-24 × 24-27 µm, rather than 16-25 × 21-29 µm in cornutum.

spermogonia, aecia

Rosaceae, monophagous

Sorbus aucuparia, chamaemespilus, domestica, hybrida, latifolia, mougeotii, torminalis.

Mainly on S. torminalis

on Juniperus


only telia, semiglobular, up to 2 mm high, on the needles, light brown when dry; spores two-celled, 21-30 x 35 µm, with mostly one germination pore per cell, capped by a hyaline papilla.


Cupressaceae, nauw monophagous

Juniperus communis s.str.


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