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Puccinia argentata

Puccinia argentata (Schultz) Winter, 1880

on Adoxa


Spermogonia and aecia hypophyllous. Aecia with snow white peridium and golden yellow spores, on discoloured, swollen spots.

spermogonia, aecia

Adoxaceae, monophagous

Adoxa moschatellina.

on Impatiens


uredinia and telia hypophyllous, scattered or in circles. Uredinia yellowish brown; spores spinulose all over, with 5-6 germination pores. Telia chestnut; spores two-celled, each cell with a hyaline papilla.

uredinia, telia

Balsaminaceae, monophagous

Impatiens aurea, brachycentra, capensis, noli-tangere, parviflora, textori, uniflora.

Not on I. balsamina, glandulifera.


Puccinia impatientis Ficinus & Schubert, 1823; noli-tangere Corda, 1840.


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