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Puccinia ateridoi

Puccinia ateridoi Unamuno, 1941

Fungi, Basidiomycota. Pucciniomycetes, Pucciniales, Pucciniaceae

on Dianthus

Puccinia ateridoi

Dianthus toletanus, from Unamuno (1941b): telium and various teliospores


No host plant alternation, only telia. Telia epiphyllous, 3-5 mm long, not on an obvious leaf spot, brownish black, one per plant. Teliospores 2-celled, but 1-celled are numerous too, less often also 3-celled spores. Two-celled spores 20-24 x 34-44 µm, pedicel hyaline, persistent, up to 132 µm.


Caryophyllaceae, nauw monophagous

Dianthus toletanus.


Brandenburger (1985a: 106), Unamuno (1941b).


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