Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi

Puccinia atropae

Puccinia atropae Montagne, 1856

on Withania


No host plant alternation; spermogonia unknown. Aecia mainly hypophyllous, also on petioles and stems, on yellow spots; they are cupulate, yellow, with a yellowish margin; they cause malformations of young shoots. Urediniopsores and teliospores in small, rather compact mixed sori on leaves and stems. Urediniospores 25-32 x 25-36 µm, germination pores hardly visible. Teliosporen most 16-25 x 38-45 µm, usually 2-celled; pedicel slender, up to somewhat longer than the spore, deciduous.

host plants

Solanaceae, monophagous

Withania aristata, frutescens.


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