Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi

Puccinia baldensis

Puccinia baldensis Gäumann, 1951

on Tephroseris


spermogonia in large epiphyllous groups. Aecia hypophyllous on yellow, violet-margined spots; peridium cylindrical.

spermogonia, aecia

Asteraceae, monophagous

Tephroseris longifolia subsp. brachychaeta.

on Poa


uredinia mainly hypophyllous, rust-coloured, less than 0.5 mm; urediniospores with ± 4 pores. Telia epiphyllous, 0.5-1 mm, shining black, divided in compartments by rows of paraphyses. Teliospores two-celled, slender fusiform, wall smooth, thickened at the tip; pedicel short, brownish, persistent.

uredinia, telia

Poaceae, monophagous

Poa pratensis.


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