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Puccinia behenis

Puccinia behenis Otth, 1871

on Silene and other Caryophyllaceae

Puccinia behenis: uredinia on Silene latifola

Silene latifolia, England, Berks, VC22: uredinia; © Malcolm Storey, bioimages

Puccinia behenis: uredinia


Puccinia behenis: uredinospores

urediniospores (some in a air bubble, better clarifying the ornamentation)

Puccinia behenis: spores

urediniospores (on Silene niceensis) and teliospores (on Silene vulgaris); from González Fragoso (1924a).


No host plant alternation; only uredinia and telia; both are amphigenous, light brown and blackish brown, respectively. Urediniospores 17-24 x 18-28 µm with 3-4 germination pores on or somewhat above the equator. Telia amphigenous, blackish brown, pulverulent. Teliospores 16-26 x 25-40 µm, two-celled, smooth, on a short (< 15 µm), deciduous pedicel; apical wall of the top cell not thickened (contrary to P. arenariae).

host plants

Caryophyllaceae, broadly

Cerastium arvense; Dianthus arenarius, barbatus, caryophyllus, chinensis, deltoides; Gypsophila altissima, muralis; Silene alba, arguta, armeria, baccifera, dioica, fulgens, latifolia, nemoralis, niceensis, nutans, odontopetala, pendula, repens, vulgaris & subsp. commutata + glareosa; Stellaria dichotoma.


Also on Silene lives Uromyces behenis (de Candolle) Unger, 1836 – somewhat confusing.


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