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Puccinia biteliana

Puccinia biteliana Savchenko, Heluta, Wasser & Nevo, 2014

on Crepis


No host plant alternation, only aecia and telia known. Aecia localized, hypophyllous, on small inconspicuous yellowish spots, scattered over the leaf surface, in small rounded clusters, 0.5–2 mm diameter, occasionally forming oblong patches on the nerves, with white, torn, erect peridium. Aeciospores 18-19 x 20-23 µm, finely verrucose, content hyaline. Telia in two types. In both also urediniospores are formed: yellowish brown, 19-22 x 20-23 µm, germination pores obscure. The fist type of telia is formed in hypophyllous aecia on the nerves; they are blackish brown, naked, up to 1 mm. The second type is amphigenous, up to 0.1 mm, initially covered by the epidermis. Teliosporen 2-celled, 22-27 x 30-41 µm, short-elliptic, wall verrucose; pedicel short, thick, hyaline, deciduous.

host plants

Asteraceae, narrowly monophagous

Crepis hierosolymitana.


Savchenko, Heluta, Wasser & Nevo (2014d), Savchenko, Wasser, Heluta & Nevo (2019a).

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