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Puccinia brachypodii

Puccinia brachypodii Otth, 1861

on Berberis

Puccinia brachypodii gall on Berberis vulgaris

Berberis vulgaris, Duin en Kruidberg; upperside of the leaf. Identification cf!

Puccinia brachypodii aecia on Berberis vulgaris

two aecia, at the underside; lateral view


Spermoginia epiphyllous, tiny, on small discoloured spots. Aecia hypophyllous, also tiny (< 0.4 mm); peridium without clear, outwards curved, segments.

At this stage P. brachypodii, poae-nemoralis, and pygmaea are indistinguishable.

spermogonia, aecia

Berberidaceae, monophagous

Berberis aetnensis, cretica, heteropoda, vulgaris.

on grasses


Uredinia generally epiphyllous, yellowish or orange brown, with many clavate paraphyses that protrude above the spores; urediniospores with ± 6 indistinct, dispersed germination pores. Telia at the underside, small, blackish brown, long covered by the epidermis; teliospores 2-celled, ob-clavate; wall smooth, apically thickened; pedicel short; the spores do not fall out.

uredinia, telia

Poaceae, oligophagous

Brachypodium phoenicoides, pinnatum, rupestre, sylvaticum; Lamarckia aurea; Trachynia distachya (= B. distachyon).


Puccinia baryi (Berkeley & Broome) Winter, 1881.


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