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Puccinia caricicola

Puccinia caricicola Fuckel, 1874

on Urtica


The species is mentioned from Urtica by Bahçecioğlu & Kabaktepe, apparently in the aecia-stage.


Urticaceae, monophagous

Urtica dioica.

on Carex


Uredinia and telia both hypophyllous. Uredia light rust-coloured, Urediniospores formed in spring spinulose with 3 equatorial pores, each one capped by a hyaline papilla. Spores formed later in the summer are larger (21-26 x 26-35 µm), thick-walled and more coarsely spinulose. The black telia are formed only after the leaves have withered.

uredinia, telia

Cyperaceae, monophagous

Carex atrata, hirta, hordeistichos, nigra, obtusata, riparia, supina.


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