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Puccinia cnici

Puccinia cnici Martius, 1817

on Cirsium

Puccinia cnici: uredinia on Cirsium vulgare

Cirsium vulgare, Belgium, prov. Limburg, Zonhoven, Platwijlers © Carina Van Steenwinkel: uredinia

Puccinia cnici: uredinia on Cirsium vulgare

same leaf, underside, equally with uredinia

Puccinia cnici: urediniospores


Puccinia cnici: urediniospore

urediniospore; de poren zijn als lichte plekken te herkennen

urediniospore; the pores are recognisable as pale spots

Puccinia cnici: urediniospore

sometimes one manages to get the three pores, with their papilla, in focus

Puccinia cnici: teliospores

Cirsium vulgare, from González Fragoso (1924a): teliospores


spermogonia mostly epiphyllous. Aecia generally hypophyllous, solitary, on small yellowed spots; peridium rudimentary, spore mass orange yellow, spores not formed in chains; they are released through a pore. Uredinia and telia amphigenous. Uredinia rust coloured, pulverulent; spores on average > 30 µm, with three pores, each on capped by a low papilla. Telia small, dark brown, pulverulent; spores two-celled, very finely verruculose; germination pore of the lower cel near the dividing wall.

host plants

Asteraceae, narrowly oligophagous

Cirsium arvense, boujartii, bracteosum, ciliatum, eriophorum, ferox, furiens, haussknechii, italicum, leucocephalum & subsp. penicillatum, obvallatum, pubigerum, richterianum, serrulatum, vulgare & subsp. crinitum; Picnomon acarna.


Puccinia cirsii-lanceolati Schröter, 1889.


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