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Puccinia cruciferarum

Puccinia cruciferarum Rudolphi, 1829

on Cardamine

Puccinia cruciferarum: teliospores

Cardamine alpina. from González Fragoso (1924a): teliospores


No hostplant alternation; np spermogonia, aecia or uredinia. Telia on all parts of the plant, soon naked, brown. Spores mostly 2-celled; between the two cells an distinct constriction.

Gâumann writes that the spores are easily shed, and that the hyaline pedicel is “short”. Contrariwise, González Fragoso describes the pedicel as “not particularly short”, which agrees with his drawing.

host plants

Brassicaceae, monophagous

Cardamine alpina, bellidifolia, impatiens, pratensis, resedifolia.


Puccinia cardamines-bellidifoliae Dietel, 1899.


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