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Puccinia dioicae

Puccinia dioicae Magnus, 1877

on Asteraceae

Puccinia dioicae: aecia on Cirsium dissectum

Cirsium dissectum, England, North-east Yorkshire, VC62 © Malcolm Storey, BioImages


Spermogonia epiphyllous. Aaecia hypophyllous, cupulate; peridium white, divided in segments, curved outwards; spore mass orange.

spermogonia, aecia

Asteraceae, oligophagous

Centaurea benedicta; Cirsium arvense, canum, carniolicum, dissectum, eriophorum, erisithales, heterophyllum, monspessulanum, oleraceum, palustre, rivulare, spinosissimum, tartaricum, tuberosum, vulgare.

on Carex


uredinia mostly hypophyllous, small, punctiform, brown, on yellowed spits. Urediniospores 23-23 x 24-26 µm, with 2 supra-equatorial pores, each surrounded by a zone where the cell wall is not spinulose. Telia hypophyllous, pulvinate, soon naked, black; spores 2-celled, on a persistent pedicel of c. 50 µm.

uredinia, telia

Cyperaceae, monophagous

Carex alba, davalliana, dioica, heleonastes, ? pilosa.

? Also Carex demissa subsp. cedercreutzii, vulcani (Gjaerum & Sunding).


The species, as described above, is dioica in the narrow interpretation, as is used for example, by Klenke & Scholler. At the other hand stand many authors who maintain a very broad concept of this species, encompassing aecia on a wide range of Asteraceae, and telia on all sorts of Carex. The following species described here fall, as varieties or mere synonyms, under this wide concept of dioicae: P. arenariicola, capillaris, caricis-frigidae, caricis-montanae, cirsii-sempervirentis, dioicae, extensicola, firma, jageana, linosyridis-caricis, petasites-pendulae, ptarmicae-caricis, rupestris, ruttneri, scabiosae-sempervirentis, schoeleriana, schroeteriana, senecionis-acutiformis, silvatica, tirolensis.


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