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Puccinia drabae

Puccinia drabae Rudolphi, 1829

on Draba


no host plant alternation, only telia, that are mostly situated in the inflorescence, even on the siliques. They are long covered by the epidermis and then look like a greyish blister; eventually brown and powdery. The spores are yellowish brown, two-celled with a clear constriction, the wall is homogenous in thickness, echinulate. The pedicel is flaccid, hyaline, deciduous.


Brassicaceae, monophagous

Draba aizoides, cacuminum, cinerea, corymbosa, crassifolia, daurica, dubia, fladnizensis, incana, lactea, lasiocarpa, nemorosa, nivalis, norvegica.


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