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Puccinia galii-verni

Puccinia galii-verni Cesati, 1846

on Cruciata, Galium

Puccinia galii-verni on Galium spec.: telium

Galium spec., België, prov. Antwerpen, Griesbroek-Balen © Carina Van Steenwinkel: telium

Puccinia galii-verni on Galium spec.: telia

the greyish down on top of the telia shows that the spores are germinating already

Puccinia galii-verni on Galium spec.: teliospores

teliospores; the pedicels are up to 80 µm long

Puccinia galii-verni on Galium spec.: teliospores

one of these spores is germinating

Puccinia galii-verni on Galium spec.: germinating teliospore

this spore forms a basidium from the lower cell


No host plant alternation; telia only. These at the underside of the leaves and on galled parts of the stem, roundish, yellow to brown or greyish brown. Spores two-celled, early germinating, on a persistent pedicel of up to 80 µm.

host plants

Rubiaceae, narrowly oligophagous

Cruciata glabra, laevipes; Galium album, arenarium, mollugo, pumilum, rotundifolium, rubioides, saxatile, sylvaticum, uliginosum, verum.


Puccinia valantiae auct., Persoon, 1800.


Mycodiplosis coniophaga.


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