Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi

Puccinia geranii-silvatici

Puccinia geranii-silvatici Karsten, 1869

on Geranium


No host plant alternation, telia only. They are small, soon naked, pulverulent, in very dense groups, often on galled parts of the leaf or petiole. Spores two-celled, especially the apical one with verrucose surface; apically a low hyaline papilla; pedicel up to 50 µm, deciduous.

host plants

Geraniaceae, monophagous

Geranium albanum, albiflorum, cinereum, collinum, dissectum, nepalense, pratense, pseudosibiricum, rivulare, rotundifolium, sylvaticum, tuberosum.


arctic-alpine species.


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