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Puccinia globulariae

Puccinia globulariae de Candolle, 1815

on Globularia

Puccinia globulariae: teliospores

Globularia vulgaris, from González Fragoso (1924a): teliospores (one of them germinating)


No host plant alternation, only telia. Telia yellowish brown, pulvinate, in groups. Teliospores 2-celled, elongated rhombic, wall smooth, thin, except apically in the top cell; pedicel hyaline, long, persistent. The spores germinate already in the telium.


Plantaginaceae, monophagous

Globularia bisnagarica, cordifolia, nudicaulis, vulgaris.


Puccinia grisea (Strauss) Winter, 1881.


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Last modified 18.xi.2022