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Puccinia komarovii

Puccinia komarovii Tranzschel, 1936

on Impatiens

Puccinia komarovii: gall (aecia) on Impatiens parviflora

Impatiens parviflora, Mierlo: stem galled by aecia © Arnold Grosscurt

Puccinia komarovii: telia on Impatiens parviflora


Puccinia komarovii

Impatiens parviflora, Otterlo, de Zanding; © Arnold Grosscurt

Puccinia komarovii

underside of the leaf, with brown telia

Puccinia komarovii: telium on Impatiens parviflora

Impatiens parviflora, Overveen: detail of a telium

Puccinia komarovii: uredospore


Puccinia komarovii: teliospore

teliospore. The constriction between the cells of the teliospore in the illustrated material is much weaker than indicated by Termorshuizen & Swertz (2011a).


No host plant alternation. Aecia orange, cupulate, in dense groups mainly on the stems; the cause strong, up to 10 cm long galling. Uredinia and telia hypophyllous, on conspicuous, pale leaf spots. Uredinia cinnamon brown; spores spinuolose, with but one germination pore, surrounded by a spine-less zone and capped by a low papilla. Telia chestnut brown; spores 2-celled, wall smooth, pedicel short, hyaline, deciduous.

host plants

Balsaminaceae, monophagous

Impatiens amphorata, balsamina, capensis, firmula, parviflora, scabrida, sodenii.

Not on I. noli-tangere. Tanner ao (2015a) describe a var. glanduliferae, collected by them in the Himalaya, that is strictly associated with I. glandulifera. The variety may possibly de deployed in the control of this highly invasive species.


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