Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi

Puccinia leontodontis

Puccinia leontodontis Jacky, 1899

on Leontodon, Scorzoneroides


No host plant alternation; aecia are missing. Spermogonia honey-coloured, mostly amphigenous. The first uredinia that are formed (in June) are dark brown, mainly hypophyllous, develop on galled parts of the leaf that at the upperside bears purple or brow spots; from July the uredinia are cinnamon-coloured. Urediniospores 22-30 x 24-35 µm, spinulose, 2 germination pores in the top half of the spore, each surrounded by a smooth zone. Telia blackish brown, amphigenous. Teliospores 21-24 x 30-40 µm, elliptic, 2-celled, verruculose; pedicel short, hyaline.

host plants

Asteraceae, narrowly oligophagous

Leontodon asperrimus, berinii, biscutellifolius, crispus, hirtus, hispidus & subsp. hasilis + montanus, hyoseroides, incanus, saxatilis & subsp. rothii, tenuiflorus; Scorzoneroides autumnalis, helvetica, montana, muelleri, pyrenaica.


sometimes taken as a variety of P. hieracii.


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