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Puccinia magnusiana

Puccinia magnusiana Körnicke, 1876

on Ranunculus

Puccinia cf magnusiana: aecia on Ranunculus repens

Ranunculus repens, Swifterbant, Kamperhoek, © Arnold Grosscurt: aecia: (because the plant was growing in a reedbed, the identification, although not definite, is very probable)

Puccinia cf magnusiana: aecia on Ranunculus repens

the petiole and rachis are galled

Puccinia cf magnusiana: aecia on Ranunculus repens

detail of the aecia

Puccinia cf magnusiana: aecia on Ranunculus repens

per side of a leaf with young aecia

Puccinia cf magnusiana: aecia on Ranunculus repens

underside of the same leaf


see also Aecidium ranunculi-acris.

spermogonia, aecia

Ranunclaceae, monophagous

Ranunculus aconitifolius, breyninus, bulbosus, chaerophyllos, creticus, flammula, illyricus, kotschyi, lingua, montanus, polyanthemos subsp. nemorosus + serpens, repens, sardous.

on Phragmites

Puccinia magnusiana: urediniospores, teliospores, paraphyse

Phragmites australis, from González Fragoso (1924a): teliospores, urediniospores, paraphyse

Puccinia magnusiana telia

Phragmites australis, Jonen: uredinia © Arnold Grosscurt

Puccinia magnusiana: telia on Phragmites australis

Phragmites australis, Loenen, Groote Modderkolk © Arnold Grosscurt: telia

Puccinia magnusiana: telium, transverse section

telium, transverse section

Puccinia magnusiana: teliospore



Uredinia hypophyllous on yellow leaf spots, light brown, small, long covered by the epidermis, with many clavate paraphyses; spores with 3(4) equatorial germination pores. Telia hypophyllous as well, often in rows, blackish brown, compact; spores two-celled, 22 x 44 µm, clavate, apically rounded.

uredinia, telia

Poaceae, oligophagous

Arundo donax; Phragmites australis.


Tuberculina persicina.


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