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Puccinia montagnei

Puccinia montagnei de Toni, 1888

on Herniaria

Puccinia montagnei: teliospores

Herniaria lenticulata, from González Fragoso (1924a): teliospores.


No hostplant alternation; only telia. Similar to P. herniariae, but the pedicel is longer (invariably > 100 µm) and the top cell having a clear hyaline papilla.

host plants

Caryophyllaceae, monophagous

Herniaria ciliolata, glabra, hirsuta subsp. cinerea, latifolia, lenticulata.


part of a group of species around P. arenariae.


Buhr (1964b), Gäumann (1959a), González Fragoso (1924a), Talhinhas, Carvalho, Figueira & Ramos (2019a).

Last modified 10.xi.2021