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Puccinia notobasidis

Puccinia notobasidis Săvulescu & Rayss 1935

on Notobasis

Puccinia notobasis Săvulescu & Rayss 1935

Urediniospore and teliospores; from Săvulescu & Rayss (1935)


Only telia; these densely set, small, semi-globular, long covered by the dark-grey epidermis, ultimately pulverulent, dark brown; in the telia also mixed brown, ± globular, finely spinulose urediniospores with a diameter of 24-27 µm. Teliospores ovoid, two-celled; wall smooth, apically not thickened, 18-33 x 19-45 µm; pedicel short, hyaline.

host plants

Asteraceae, monophagous

Notobasis syriaca.


The authors oririginally called the species P. notobasidis; this has een amended by the Index Fungorum into notobasidis. However, the name has been preoccupied by Gonzalez Fragoso, 1926; a replacement name for notobasidis Săvulescu & Rayss does not seem to be available.


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