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Puccinia oxalidis

Puccinia oxalidis Dietel & Ellis, 1895

on Oxalis

Puccinia oxalidis on Oxalis debilis: uredinia

Oxalis debilis var. corymbosa, Engeland, Vice County: Berks, VC22: uredinia; © Malcolm Storey, BioImages

Puccinia oxalidis: urediniospores



No host plant alternation, spermogonia and aecia unknown in Europe. Telia minute, waxy; spores two-celled, on a short pedicel.

host plants

Oxalidaceae, monophagous

Oxalis articulata, debilis, latifolia, pes-caprae, purpurea, rosea, violacea.

Not on the wild O. acetosella.


The spermogonia and aecia actually are known from North America, from Berberis (incl. Mahonia).


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