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leafminers, galls and fungi

Puccinia passerinii

Puccinia passerinii Schröter, 1876

on Thesium


No host plant alternation. All phases distributed over the plant. Aecia cupulate, yellowish white. Uredinia rarely formed, blackish brown; urediniospores verrucose, with 1 apical germination pore and 4 equatorial ones. Telia blackish brown, pulverulent, mainly on the older leaves; spores two-celled, finely verrucose, on short, deciduous pedicels.

host plants

Santalaceae, monophagous

Thesium alpinum, “arvense”, divaricatum, dollineri subsp. simplex, ebracteatum, humifusum, humile, kernerianum, linophyllon & subsp. montanum, longifolium, pyrenaicum, rostratum.


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Last modified 11.xi.2021