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Puccinia polygoni-amphibii

Puccinia polygoni-amphibii Persoon, 1801

on Geranium


spermogonia amphigenous, somewhat sinking in, not numerous. Aecia mainly hypophyllous, cylindric, with narrow recurved margin split into small segments, in concentric groups on intensely reddened parts of the leaves.

spermogonia, aecia

Geraniaceae, oligophagous

Geranium albiflorum, collinum, columbinum, dissectum, divaricatum, ibericum, macrorrhizum, molle, nodosum, palustre, phaeum, pratense, purpureum, pusillum, pyrenaicum, rivulare, rotundifolium, sanguineum, sibiricum, sylvaticum.

According to Klenke & Scholler also Erodium cicutarium.

on Persicaria

Puccinia polygoni-amphibii: telia on Persicaria amphibia

Persicaria amphibia, Amstelveen, Schinkelbos: upperside and underside of two leaves that are completely covered with telia

Puccinia polygoni-amphibii: uredinia on Persicaria amphibia


Puccinia polygoni-amphibii: telia on Persicaria amphibia


Puccinia polygoni-amphibii: urediniosporePuccinia polygoni-amphibii: urediniospore

two times the same urediniospore

Puccinia polygoni-amphibii: teliosporesPuccinia polygoni-amphibii: teliospore



Uredinia and telia predominantly hypophyllous, brown and blackish brown, respectively. Urediniospores with 2 pores above the equator. Teliospores two-celled, the distal wall of the top cell strongly thickened; spores on a persistent, hyaline to yellowish brown pedicel of about the same length as the spore.

uredinia, telia

Polygonaceae, oligophagous

Fallopia convolvulus; Persicaria amphibia, dubia, lapathifolia, maculosa, sagittata; Polygonum arenarium, arenastrum.


Puccinia polygoni-convolvuli De Candolle, 1808; P. polygoni-amphibii var. convolvuli Arthur, 1934.


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