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Puccinia praecox

Puccinia praecox Bubák, 1898

on Crepis

Puccinia praecox op Crepis biennis: teliospores

Crepis biennis, urediniospores (from Gäumann, 1959a)

Puccinia praecox op Crepis biennis: urediniospores



No host plant alternation. Aecia hypophyllous, cupulate, yellow with recurved margin, on yellow spots, often on the leaf tips and already in March. Uredinia from May on, chocolat brown on yellow spots. Urediniospores 20-29 x 22-33 µm, with 2 (less often 3) mostly equatorial pores. Telia from August, almost black; spores (19)26(31) x (27)33(49) µm, two-celled, finely verrucose, on short, deciduous pedicels.

host plants

Asteraceae, monophagous

Crepis biennis, capillaris, foetida & subsp. rhoeadifolia, nicaeensis.

C. biennis is the most mentioned host plant.


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