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Puccinia prostii

Puccinia prostii Duby, 1871

on Tulipa

Puccinia prostii: telia,  teliospores

Tulia australis, from Unamuno (1941a):leaf with telia, teliospores


No host plant alternation; only spermogonia and telia, both amphigenous. Spermogonia numerous, yellow, between the telia. Telia blackish brown, up to 8 mm ø; spores two-celled, with conspicuous, long and heavy spines, on rather long, deciduous pedicels.

host plants

Liliaceae, monophagous

Tulipa armena, agenensis, biebersteiniana, clusiana, cypria, hageri, orphanidea, schmidtii, sylvestris & subsp. australis.

Also cultivars.


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