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Puccinia sardonensis

Puccinia sardonensis Gäumann, 1945

on Callianthemum


spermogonia epiphyllous. Aecia hypophyllous, orange, cupulate with recurved peridium segments, in dense groups on the midrib, petiole and stem on discoloured, somewhat swollen spots.

spermogonia, aecia

Ranunculaceae, polyphagous

Callianthemum angustifolium, coriandrifolium.

on Anthoxanthum, Helictochloa


uredinia orange, amphigenous. up to 1 mm long, on discoloured spots; no paraphyses. Urediniospores with 5-7 distributed germination pores. Between the spores almost colourless distinctly capitate paraphyses. Telia amphigenous, blackish brown, often fusing into black crusts, long covered by the epidermis, divided into compartments by rows of paraphyses. Teliospores inverted cone-shaped, 2-celled; the wall is smooth, thin except in the flattened tip. Pedicel very short.

host plants

Poaceae, oligophagous

Anthoxanthum alpinum; Helictochloa versicolor.


several authors and also the Index Fungorum (2016), consider this species conspecific with P. recondita.


high-alpine species.


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