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Puccinia senecionis-acutiformis

Puccinia senecionis-acutiformis Hasler, Mayor & Cruchet, 1922

on Jacobaea, Senecio


aecia hypophyllous, in irregular groups; peridium well developed, split into segments.

spermogonia, aecia

narrowly oligophagous

Jacobaea alpina, aquatica, erucifolia, paludosa, vulgaris; Senecio ovatus, sylvaticus, viscosus, vulgaris.

on Carex


uredinia rare and inconspicuous, epiphyllous, brown, pulverulent; urediniospores with 2 or 3 equatorial pores. Telia hypophyllous, blackish brown, not pulverulent, naked. Teliospores 2-celled, ob-clavate, not constricted, slender; wall smooth, apically strongly thickened. Pedicel yellowish, persistent, 5 – 40 µm.

uredinia, telia

Cyperaceae, narrowly monophagous

Carex ? acuta, acutifomis.


among others Termorshuizen & Swertz consider this spcies conspecific with Puccinia dioicae.


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