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Schroeteriaster alpinus

Schroeteriaster alpinus (Schroeter) Magnus, 1896

on Ranunculus


Spermogonia honey-coloured in up to 8 mm large groups on swellings of the upperside of the leaves and the petioles. Aecia colourless on strongly galled spots at the underside; spores with ± 3 µm large, plate-like, easily detachable appendages.

spermogonia, aecia

Ranunculaceae, monophagous

Ficaria verna; Ranunculus alpestris, lanuginosus, montanus, polyanthemos subsp. serpens, repens, villarsii.

on Rumex

Schroeteriaster alpinus: telium, urediniospores

Rumex alpinus, from González-Fragoso (1925a): telium (section), urediniospores


Uredinia mainly hypophyllous, cinnamon-coloured, less than half a mm; urediniospores with four pores. Telia hypophyllous as well, less than a mm, light to dark brown, permamently covered by the epidermis, looking waxy or gelatinous; below the epidermis lie ± barrel-shaped, smooth, thin-walled teliospores in several (maximally 5) layers.

uredinia, telia

Polygonaceae, monophagous

Rumex alpinus, crispus, obtusifolius, sanguineus.


Uromyces alpinus Schröter, 1887.


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