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Uromyces acutatus

Uromyces acutatus Fuckel, 1870

on Gagea, Ornithogalum

Uromyces acutatus: telia on Gagea villosa

Gagea villosa, Amerongen © Brian Pater

Uromyces acutatus: telium

freshly opened telium

Uromyces acutatus: telium

open telium

Uromyces acutatus: teliospores


Uromyces acutatus

spore: surface structure


No host plant alternation, only telia. Telia amphigenous, long covered by the epidermis and then lead coloured, after eruption dark brown, ± pulverulent. Spores one-celled, brown, verrucose, 20-32 x 25-50 µm; apically a hyaline papilla; pedicel hyaline, deciduous.

host plants

Asparagaceae, Liliaceae, narrowly polyphagpous

Gagea bohemica, liotardii, lutea, minima, pratensis, pusilla, soleirolii, villosa; Ornithogalum fischerianum, nutans, umbellatum.

González-Fragoso (1925a) also mentions Muscari racemosum; that probably applies to U. muscari.


U. ornithogali (Wallroth) Léveillé, 1847.


According to Termorshuizen & Swertz this species was not yet known from the Netherlands. It also has not been reported from Belgium


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Last modified 22.vii.2019