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Uromyces cachrydis

Uromyces cachrydis Hariot, 1891

on Cachrys, Prangos

Uromyces cachrydis: teliospores

Cachrys sicula, from González-Fragoso (1925a): teliospores


no host plant alternation. Spermogonia very scarce, scattered between the aecia, honey-yellow, immersed. Aecia in up to 3 cm large groups on leaves, petioles and stems: yellow cupulate, margin recurved, frayed. No uredinia. Telia rusty brown, compact, on leaves and stems, not on spots; spores 15-24 x 22-38 µm; pedicel persistent, up to 70 µm.

host plants

Apiaceae, oligophagous

Cachrys boissieri, sicula; Prangos trifida.


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