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Uromyces ervi

Uromyces ervi Westendorp, 1854

on Lens, Vicia

Uromyces ervi: spores

Vicia hirsuta, from González-Fragoso (1925a): urediniospores and teliospores


No host plant alternation. Aecia amphigenous, cupulate, peridium white, spores yellow; they are formed during the whole summer. Uredinia light brown, rarely occurring; spores with 2(3) germination pores. Telia dark brown, mainly on the petioles and stems. Teliospores one-celled, smooth, apical wall clearly thickened; pedicel persistent, twice als long as the spore.

host plants

Fabaceae, narrowly oligophagous

Lens culinaris; Vicia articulata, disperma, hirsuta, kulingana, parviflora, sativa, tetrasperma.

Vicia hirsuta is generally considered the main host plant


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