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Uromyces euphorbiae

Uromyces euphorbiae Cooke & Peck, 1973

on Euphorbia

Uromyces euphorbiae: telium

Euphorbia nutans, from González-Fragoso (1922a): telium with spores and paraphyses


No host plant alternation. Spermogonia honey-coloured, up to 0.2 mm, largely immersed. Aecia hypophyllous, numerous, sometimes covering to entire leaf, yellow, cupulate. Uredinia light brown, hypophyllous, scarce, on yellow or purple leaf spots; spores 15-20 x 15-22 µm, germination pores inconspicuous. Telia amphigenous, darker and more numerous than the uredinia; spores 15-20 x 15-22 µm, verrucose; pedicel short, thin, deciduous; between the spores slender paraphyses that reach to beyond the spores.

host plants

Euphorbiaceae, narrowly monophagous

Euphorbia nutans.

Also Euphorbia chamaesyce, granulata (Beltran Tejera, Gjaerum & Sunding)


like the host plant originally a North American species; found on a few places around the Mediterranean.


Beltran Tejera (1976a), Gjaerum & Sunding (1986a), González-Fragoso (1922a, 1925a).

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