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Uromyces minor

Uromyces minor Schröter, 1887

on Trifolium

Uromyces minor on Trifolium dubium

Trifolium dubium; Belgium, prov. Antwerp, Meerhout © Carina Van Steenwinkel

Uromyces minor: aecia on Trifolium dubium


Uromyces minor: aecia and tela on Trifolium dubium

almost all telia are still covered by the epidermis

Uromyces minor: teliospores


Uromyces minor teliospores

Trifolium incarnatum, from González-Fragoso (1925a): teliospores


No host plant alternation. Aecia on the young leaves, rather deeply sunken in the leaf tissue; peridium white, spores yellow. No uredinia. Telia hypophyllous, long covered by the silvery epidermis, eventually brownish black. Teliospores one-celled, with a few small warts that sometimes are arranged in a short row, on a short deciduous pedicel.

host plants

Fabaceae, monophagous

Trifolium ambiguum, angustifolium, campestre, dubium, incarnatum & subsp. molinierii, montanum, pratense.


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