Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi

Uromyces scillinus

Uromyces scillinus (Durieu & Montagne) Hariot, 1913

on Scilla


No host plant alternation. Spermogonia, sometimes missing, 0.1 mm, honey-coloured, between the aecia.Aecia amphigenous, most in fairly dense groups, on yellow to brown spots; they open thorugh a pore; peridium yellow, not divided in segments. No uredinia. Telia like in U. scillarum.


Asparagaceae, narrowly oligophagous

Prospero autumnale; Scilla, ramburei, verna.


Klenke & Scholler consider scillinus the mediterranean form of scillarum, that in the south would have a cycle including spermogonia and aecia. This does not seem justified because in the Mediterranean also true scillarum does occur (only telia); and also because scillinus is limited to Scilla and its close relative Prospero.


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