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Uromyces sclerochloae

Uromyces sclerochloae Tranzschel, 1909

on Sclerochloa


no host alternation, only uredinia and telia. Uredinia small, yellowish, amphigenous, without paraphyses; urediniospores short-elliptic with 2-3 very inconspicuous germination pores. Telia also amphigenous, often encircling the uredinia, black, compact, covered by the epidermis, surrounded by cylindrical brown paraphyses; teliospores one-celled, 15-18 x 20-28 µm.

uredinia, telia

Poaceae, monophagous

Sclerochloa dura.


Nielsenia sclerochloae (Tranzschel) Sydow, 1921.


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