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Uromyces tingitanus

Uromyces tingitanus Hennings, 1904

on Rumex

Uromyces tingitanus: teliospores

Rumex bucephalophorus, from González-Fragoso (1925a): teliospores


No hostplant alternation. Spermogonia not described. Aecia amphigenous, on purple leaf spots, cupulare, margin almost not recurved or frayed. Uredinia amphigenous, mix with the aecia, when mature cinnamon coloured and pulverulent; spores 16-24 x 26-35 µm with 2 equatorial germination pores. Telia like the uredinia but darker and also on petioles and stems; spores 18-26 x 26-25 µm, smooth; pedicel thick, up to 100 µm, persistent.

host plants

Polygonaceae, nauw monofaag

Rumex bipinnatus, bucephalophorus, pictus, “tingitanus”.

References to Rumex tingitanus may apply to the West Mediterranean Rumex roseus or the Macaronesian endemic R. maderensis.


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