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Doassansia alismatis

Doassansia alismatis (Nees) Cornu, 1883

on Alisma, Damasonium


initially yellowish white, later brownish spots, 1-15 mm in diameter. Embedded in the tissue, spore balls are formed, that are just visible as 0.1 – 0.2 mm large dark points. A spore ball consists of a mass of spores, surrounded by an envelope of one or two layers of sterile cells.

host plants

Alismataceae, oligophagous

Alisma gramineum, lanceolatum, plantago-aquatica; Damasonium alisma.

Almaraz mentions this species from Spain on Baldellia ranunculoides.


Phyllosticta curreyi Saccardo, 1884.


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