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Nannfeldtiomyces anomalus

Nannfeldtiomyces anomalus (Crowell) Vánky, 1981

on Sparganium


inconspiuous, ill-delimited leaf spots, up to 6 cm in size,, where spore balls, mostly solitary, are embedded in the tissue. The beige spore ball, up to 0.2 mm large, consist of a loose network of hyphae and spores; there is no cortical layer.

host plants

Sparganiaceae, monophagous

Sparganium angustifolium, natans.

The host plant is not quite clear. Vánky cites “Sparganium minimum Wallr. (S. chlorocarpum Rydb.)”. S. minimum is a synonym of S. natans, but S. chlorocarpum is a synonym of S. emersum.


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