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Rhamphospora nymphaeae

Rhamphospora nymphaeae Cunningham, 1888

nymphaea smut

on Nymphaea

Rhamphospora nymphaeae on Nymphaea spec.

Nymphaea spec. ℗nk flowered), Belgium, prov. Antwerp, Mol, Buitengoor, 4.ix.2020 © Carina Van Steenwinkel

Rhamphospora nymphaeae on Nymphaea spec.

leaf spots (upper side)

Rhamphospora nymphaeae spores


Rhamphospora nymphaeae spores


Rhamphospora nymphaeae spores

the spores are minutely verruculose; in water a thin layer of mucus is formed.

Rhamphospora nymphaeae spores

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yellowish, finally brown leaf spots, old ones often centrally perforate. Embedded in the host tissue lie lemon-shaped, hyaline or light yellow spores.

host plants

Nymphaeaceae, monophagous

Nymphaea alba.


Entyloma nymphaeae (Cunningham) Setchell, 1894.


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