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Entyloma eryngii-maritimi

Entyloma eryngii-maritimi Savchenko, Carris, Castlebury, Heluta, Wasser & Nevo, 2014

on Eryngium


0.1-3 mm large, initially greyish green later brown, sometime slightly pustular leaf spots. Spores in dense groups the host tissue, smooth, transparent yellowish brown, 6-9 x 7-10 µm. The wall is two-layered.

host plants

Apiaceae, narrowly monophagous

Eryngium maritimum.


Woods ea found in Wales, UK, material on sea thistle with spores measuring 8-12 x 10-16 μ with walls varying from 1 to 5 μ in thickness; because of this they rather identified the material as Entyloma eryngii.


>Savchenko, Carris, Castlebury, Heluta, Wasser & Nevo (2014a), Vanderweyen & Fraiture (2014a), Woods, Chater, Smith ao (2018a).

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