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Entyloma microsporum

Entyloma microsporum (Unger) Schröter, 1874

on Ranunculus

Entyloma microsporum: galls on Ranunculus repens

Ranunculus repens, Belgium, prov. Flemish Brabant, Zichem © Carina Van Steenwinkel: the leaf spots are large and swollen gall-like

Entyloma microsporum: spores

spores numerous, thick-walled, irregular in shape

Entyloma microsporum galls

Ranunculus repens, Dronten © Arnold Grosscurt

Entyloma microsporum galls

another leaf

Entyloma microsporum: galls on Ranunculus repens

Ranunculus repens, Nieuwendam

Entyloma microsporum: spores

the spores are irregular in shape, generally somewhat angular, often very thick-walled; ø 11-13 µm.

Entyloma microsporum: spores

Ranunculus repens, Leiden; leg Karel Brussee


Sori as yellowish, hard, swollen, up to 6 mm large pustules. Embedded in the host tissue are dense groups of hyaline spores. Spores irregular, angular in shape; they measure ± 10-19 µm, the wall is thick, 2-5 µm, and consists of two layers

host plants

Ranunculaceae, narrowly monophagous

Ranunculus acris, repens.

In the literature prior to the revision by Kruse ao (2018a) the following species are mentioned as host plants; these associations now need further confirmation: R. alpestris, breyninus, bulbosus, carpaticus, chaerophyllos, flammula, lanuginosus, montanus, muricatus, oxyspermus, polyanthemos & subsp. nemorosus, sardous, sceleratus apply to different species.


Protomyces microsporus (Unger) Cooke, 1875.


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