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Tilletia puccinelliae

Tilletia puccinelliae Carris, Castlebury & Huang, 2010

on Puccinellia


Ovary inflated, filled with a pulverulent brown stinking mass of spores. Spores ovoid, elliptic or globular, 15-28 x 19-31 ┬Ám, with a reticulate pattern of ridges; between the spores also hyaline sterile cells. The galls remain enclosed by the glumes. Probably the fungus is systemic.


Poaceae, monophagous

Puccinellia distans.


discovered in a seed sample from North America; given the distribution of the host plant, the fungus is to be expected in NW Europe.


Bao, Carris, Huang ao (2010a).

Last modified 26.vii.2018