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Doassansiopsis hydrophila

Doassansiopsis hydrophila (Dietrich) Lavrov, 1937

on Potamogeton


at first pale, finally brown leaf spots that may occupy the entire leaf. At the underside the spore balls, embedded in the tissue, can be seen as minute spots. They are up to 250 µm long and consist of a ± parenchymatous kernel, covered by a single continuous layer of spores and a thin layer of cortical cells. The spore balls are released when the leaf disintegrates.

host plants

Potamogetonaceae, monophagous

Potamogeton alpinus, coloratus, gramineus, lucens, natans, nodosus, ? perfoliatus, polygonifolius.


Doassansia hydrophila (Dietrich) Lindeb.; D. martianoffiana (von Thümen) Dietel, 1897; Phyllosticta potamia Cooke, 1895.


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