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Antherospora scillae

Antherospora scillae (Ciferri) Bauer, Lutz, Begerow, Piątek & Vánky, 2008

on Prospero, Scilla

Scilla bifolia

Scilla bifolia, Greece, Lesbos, Aghiásos, 750 m asl, 1.iv.2019, Castanea wood © Cor Zonneveld: healthy plant

Antherospora scillae on Scilla bifolia

infected plants are taller, higher, and bear more flowers.

Antherospora scillae on Scilla bifolia


Antherospora scillae on Scilla bifolia



Anthers and ovaria transformed into an olive brown sorus.

host plants

Asparagaceae, narrowly oligophagous

Prospero autumnale; Scilla bifolia, forbesii, luciliae, sardensis, siberica, verna.

Klenke & Scholler also mention Puschkinia scilloides; this cannot easily be interpreted: it may concern Scilla nana (see EURO/MED).


Ustilago scillae Ciferri, 1931; Urocystis scillae (Ciferri) Zundel, 1953.


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